European Gas: Security of Supply - EGSS 

CPE Credits Awarded: 2
Categories: The Natural Gas Industry , Online Training

European Gas: Security of Supply is an online training course that was first created in response to the events in January 2009 when Russia curtailed supplies into Ukraine and many parts of Europe. Ever since the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russia’s relationship with Ukraine has been unstable and highly politicised.

There are no pre-requisites for this course and there is no advance preparation required.

Programme Level:  Basic

Course Code:  EGSS

Industry:  The Natural Gas Industry

CPE Credits:  2

You will learn to:

    - Recognise how and why Europe has come to rely on imported gas, and on Russian gas in particular
    - Point out how Russian gas gets to Europe, and how this may change with new pipeline and LNG infrastructure projects
    - Identify how gas is priced, and how prices that Russia and Ukraine have been disputing compare to other international prices
    - Identify how the disputes between Russia and Ukraine arose, and how they might eventually be resolved

Practice exercises and self-assessment quizzes are included to help reinforce key topics introduced throughout the course.

A comprehensive final test will be given at the end of the course.

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