Post Graduate Diploma in International Oil Supply and Trading

Maximise your learning experience and expertise by enrolling in Mennta Energy Solutions' Diploma in International Oil Supply and Trading, a long-standing gold standard within the petroleum industry.  Successful candidates will achieve an advanced level of competence which will distinguish them amongst their peers as well as provide a competitive edge in the marketplace.   

Candidate benefits include: 

  • 15% discount on four courses (minimum number required)
  • Guidance by  world renown faculty
  • Opportunity to work and network with the industry’s best and brightest
  • Credits from accreditation councils including BAC, CPD, CPE and GARP
  • Learning reinforcement exams and a dissertation to aid the application of knowledge to one’s business role
  • Certificate of completion

To receive your diploma, you must pass an "open-book" examination to be completed within three months at the end of each of the four courses (two mandatories and two electives).  You will then submit a dissertation (10,000 words approximate).  Candidates have up to three years from the start of their course work to fulfil all requirements. 

If you have already completed any of Mennta Energy Solutions' Oil Supply and Trading courses over the past two years, ask us about completing the relevant exams.

International Oil Supply and Trading Diploma

To earn an International Oil Supply and Trading Diploma, complete four of our Oil Supply and Trading courses. The courses should be taken in the following order:

Begin with the two mandatory courses:

Then select two of the courses below as elective for your third and fourth courses (to be taken in the order presented):

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