Energy Project Finance - A Practical Approach for Non-Finance Managers - APF 

CPE Credits Awarded: 16
Categories: Business Analysis and Project Finance

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5c003d5e591091d484ea3c6e8f6051f1150 150 Whether it is a refinery, pipeline or wind farm, the project approach and structure is consistent as is the process to bringing any such venture to fruition. This course is designed to introduce participants to the process and the institutions necessarily involved in successfully securing project partners and funding specific to the energy sector. Participants will learn how to showcase and educate interested constituents about oil, gas, power, biodiesel, and renewables sector projects.

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What you will learn

The course will teach how to identify key industry constituents and make compelling cases to potential participants. The workshop will show how to transform financial and highly-technical information into convincing proposals appropriate for a variety of internal and external audiences. Participants will learn how to pull it all together in an effective information memorandum.


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Energy company personnel or other professionals seeking to obtain partnerships with third parties, funding, or other forms of support from various global funding sources, sovereign investors, or other energy firms would benefit. This course will be valuable to energy company finance, marketing, operations (upstream and downstream), production, strategy, or treasury professionals engaged in the process of attracting partners, investors, or both, to further company goals and interests. This course will also be of interest to analysts, bankers, lawyers, and other industry constituents including geologists and engineers who are charged with bringing large scale energy projects into reality (from beginning to end: conception, economic analysis, due diligence, financing, environmental licensing, regulatory, proposal development, engineering and construction).

Day 1 Project Assessment and the Marketplace

  • Introduction to the capital markets
  • Identifying potential investors (financial or otherwise)
  • How global capital markets impact the energy sector
  • Project planning - partnerships and joint ventures
  • Strategic plan
  • Making the economic case for your project
  • Roles of bankers and rating agencies in project finance

Day 2 The Information Memorandum - Putting it all together

  • Case Study
  • Critical information for constituents
  • Business risks
  • Financial risks
  • Making the business case for your project
  • Hydrocarbon reserves, crude oil, and natural gas
  • Upstream operations and production
  • Refining and downstream operations
  • Capital expenditure and financing plans
  • Impact of price volatility on project planning
  • Capital structure


Gianna Bern


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