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This course provides an introduction to biofuels. Presentations include new process technologies and feedstocks, specifications, performance, environmental aspects plus so-called "second generation" biofuels. These aspects and advances in engine technology have combined to present a range of potential problems in storage, handling and use. These difficulties need to be understood if the potential of this developing market is to be fully realised. Current and future challenges faced by the motor manufacturers, oil and additive industries will also be addressed. Throughout the two days emphasis will be placed on both the practicalities of biofuels and their real contribution to mitigating global warming.

You will learn:

  • The biofuels dilemma - a look at the conflicts surrounding biofuels
  • Biofuel basics and manufacture - a (non-chemist's) guide to the fundamentals
  • Fuel combustion and related fuel characteristics - how the internal combustion engine burns its fuel and contrasts between conventional fuels and biofuels
  • Understanding fuel specifications - how fuel specifications have evolved. the links between fuel properties and performance.
  • Engine developments - a key issue for the biofuels market. As engine technology develops further, the demands on fuel quality intensify - can biofuels keep up?
  • Biofuels specifications - the second day will largely be taken up with biofuels specifics. How do the latest feedstocks stack up in a number of critical areas?
  • Advanced biofuels manufacture - to conclude, the course takes a look at second (third and fourth...) generation technologies. These hold the promise of being more cost effective and "carbon neutral".


  • Oil and biofuel industry, additive and motor industry management
  • Staff involved with the quality, supply, refining, technical service and marketing of automotive fuels and concerned with the effective use of additives to maintain or improve quality
  • Motor industry technical management
  • Policy makers, legislators



Basic Fuel Chemistry


  • Biofuel feedstocks and processes
  • Biofuel component characteristics
  • Major quality constraints - emerging challenges



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