Petrochemical Terminology - A Non-Technical Overview - PTC1 

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Gold Course The petrochemical industry has more jargon and technical language than most businesses and yet it is actually quite simple - once you have the key! This course is designed to give you that key, explaining in simple terms what the industry is about and what the jargon means.


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The course is designed for both newcomers and experienced non-technical staff whose jobs require them to interact with engineers, business managers or senior executives. If your colleagues appear to know all about the industry and use jargon that leaves you baffled, come to this course.

  • Petrochemicals begin with oil and gas
  • Why oil price is a concern
  • How petrochemicals are made
  • What petrochemicals are
  • What petrochemical names mean
  • What petrochemical companies make
  • Definitions of industry jargon


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“I found the course very informative and interesting. It gave a very brief insight into the petrochemical industry. ” M.C., XL Insurance

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