Onsite Training. Bring our Energy Experts to your Team.


This option is ideal for organisations that want to train a team or several individuals without the added expense of travel and time away from work. With proper preparation, contents can be customised to address challenges and opportunities specific to your business which remain exclusive and therefore completely confidential.

This option offers the ultimate in customisation and convenience. Come to us with your particular business situation and training needs and let us assist in the design of a course exclusive to your enterprise.

Organisations understand the benefits of bringing training into the workplace or to a site that joins together work teams or functions. Confidentiality fosters a freer forum to discuss company-specific challenges and flexibility allows for managers to determine which topics require emphasis based on specific requirements. Convenience comes with chosen time and location not to mention cost savings. Our team is available to listen to your needs and offer effective solutions. Any course in this catalogue designated by an in-house icon (as seen on left) is available "off the shelf", combined with other titles, or customised.

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