The Changing Geopolitics of Oil and Gas: Identifying and Managing Political Risk - GEOP 

CPE Credits Awarded: 16
Categories: The Natural Gas Industry , Business Analysis and Project Finance, Oil Industry


This two-day workshop explores geopolitical context within which oil and gas companies operate and how it affects daily business practices. This will be done,with a view toward understanding particular geographical locales and associated political risks. Regions to be covered include: United States, Africa, Latin America, and Middle East and Asia. Special emphasis will be placed on the rise of resource nationalism, as evidenced by the more than 100 national oil companies that currently exist. Moreover, political risk tools and strategies will be presented so that delegates learn concrete skills that they can use in their work.


All energy professionals involved in considering political risk mitigation strategies including executives, middle managers, analysts, in-house lawyers, project managers and government officials.


  • Historical and contemporary overview of the geopolitics of oil and gas
  • Understanding what political risk is
  • Identifying specific above ground political risks in the oil and gas industry
  • Politics and governance
  • Security
  • Reputation and social
  • Infrastructure and health
  • Regional political risks
  • Africa emphasis on West and Central Africa and emphasis on national oil companies
  • Latin America emphasis on Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela
  • Middle East emphasis on Gulf states and Iran
  • Asia emphasis on the rise of China as a global actor and implications for the industry
  • Political risk mitigation tools (strengths and weaknesses)
  • Political risk insurance
  • Security
  • Multistakeholder engagement
  • Internal policies
  • Portfolio diversification

The course includes exercises based on actual political scenarios and case studies. Delegates are also placed in teams to facilitate learning.


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