Front to Back Office: Trading Controls and Best Practices - FTBO 

CPE Credits Awarded: 8
Categories: Trading, Derivatives, Hedging and Risk Management


This fascinating and interactive workshop will give delegates a thorough understanding of best practice controls to be applied in commodity trading activities. Delegates are encouraged to think about the controls processes applied in their own operations, through interactive group case studies, in order to minimize the chances of similar expensive trading mistakes. Recent trading "failures" will be analyzed.

Includes Online Pre-study Module
This course is accompanied by a preparatory course available online. Delegates will receive a web voucher as part of their joining instructions upon confirmation of registration. By taking advantage of this "blended" learning approach, in-class time and learning are optimized.


Fundamentals of Energy Futures, Options I - Fundamentals of Energy Options, and Introduction to Hedging in Energy Markets or equivalent experience.


Upon completion of this course your employees will understand:

  • The sources of best practices for energy trading and risk management
  • Roles and responsibilities of the front, middle, and back offices
  • The key types of risks which need to be controlled
  • Various types of limits, and control mechanisms and approaches, for managing and controlling a variety of risks
  • The process for establishing and maintaining a best practice-compliant risk management operation and related control structure
  • Details of recent and important controls failures, including how and why
  • Regulatory requirements for trading controls and compliance


Class delegates include everyone from support staff to management from trading, risk management, operations, accounting, credit, and contracts groups. This one-day workshop is perfect for those concerned with "front office", "mid-office", and "back office" functions for international and domestic energy commodity companies (crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas, electricity and coal) and other commodities (grains, metals, etc.).


  • Key types of risk (faced by management and the trading room)
  • Details of recent spectacular failures
  • What happened and why
  • Same company or different planets?
    • Front Office
    • Mid-Office
    • Back Office
  • The overall controls process
  • Trading controls "Best Practices" guidelines
    • Executive management
    • Trading management
    • Traders
  • Trading authorities - limits and layers
  • Prioritizing more deals vs. better controls
  • Trading room controls


“Speaker was extremely knowledgeable, examples were relevant, materials were very effective.” R.D., Agrium

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