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CPE Credits Awarded: 24
Categories: Oil Industry, Downstream Marketing and Retail

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Gold Course This three-day course provides an overview of the sales and marketing of downstream oil products to end user customers (consumers – B2C markets and businesses – B2B markets). There are real opportunities for oil marketers to grow their businesses and profits. But, in a highly competitive environment, the marketers who succeed will be those who really understand their customers and markets and then act strategically.

The course will enable delegates to create a differentiated marketing strategy that is appropriate for their respective businesses. It will provide practical tools and ideas to help implement strategy as well as build profitable business from selling refined oil products (covering the full range of transportation fuels, industrial fuels, lubricants and bitumen).

By means of a range of presentations, case studies, exercises and discussions, delegates will consider practical issues and learn how to develop their own marketing strategies and tactics to add value to their organisations. No previous experience of sales and marketing is required or assumed.

What You Will Learn

  • How to develop a marketing strategy and marketing plan to create a strategic competitive advantage for your business.
  • How to analyse a market and to evaluate the impact of trends on its future development.
  • How to decide where to focus resources and how to assess marketing performance.
  • The economic drivers of downstream oil products markets and how to set your product prices.
  • The role of distribution channels and how to maximise your profits through effective channel management.
  • The importance of customer segmentation and how to structure offers and prices accordingly.
  • The role and value of branding & innovation to differentiate one’s business.


Upon completion of this course your employees will understand:

  • Be able to analyse the structure of markets from suppliers through to customers and consumers enabling them to be able to identify the best opportunities for profitable growth
  • Be able to develop marketing strategies and action orientated marketing plans to exploit those opportunities to create a strategic competitive advantage for your business
  • Understand the principles of market segmentation so that they can structure offers and prices appropriately to maximise sales volume and profit
  • Understand how to differentiate your business from competitors through channel management, branding and customer service
  • Be able to focus marketing resources where they will have the greatest profit impact


Delegates encouraged to attend include: oil industry managers who are new to the downstream marketing business, recently appointed staff who intend to pursue a career in oil products marketing and managers from companies that are considering entering the oil marketing business.

This course is ideal for use as part of an induction programme for new staff or for bringing managers who are transferring disciplines up to speed with the whole area of oil products marketing. It will also appeal to managers who want to bring new perspectives and ideas to their marketing businesses although it is not aimed at existing experts in oil products marketing.

It will also be very relevant to existing marketing, planning, finance, commercial development and technical staff in the downstream sector of oil companies who wish to expand their knowledge across product or market boundaries.


Fundamentals of oil products marketing:

  • Market structures – from suppliers to end users
  • Market dynamics – technology & other trends, regulations & other influences
  • Customers and distribution channels
  • Competitive environment
  • Economic drivers

Adding value through marketing:

  • Role of marketing in the organisation
  • Marketing strategy & marketing planning
  • Customer & end user segmentation
  • Product & service differentiation
  • Pricing strategy
  • Branding and communication
  • Marketing channel and distributor management
  • Product & service development & innovation
  • Marketing resources, investment and performance evaluation

Markets covered in the course:

  • Retail fuels & lubricants
  • Commercial and industrial fuels & lubricants
  • International aviation and marine markets
  • Distributors & resellers
  • Multinational key accounts


Mr Richard Prince


"This course covers the downstream marketing business extensively and should be recommended to anyone interest in furthering their knowledge." O.O., Oando PLC

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