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Laytime and Demurrage are perhaps the two most litigious aspects of shipping contracts and have been the subject of numerous disputes over the years. This training programme is uniquely designed to focus on understanding the fundamental principles and concepts of Laytime and Demurrage (both Wet & Dry sectors), providing knowledge and practical guidance to effectively navigate these complex contractual issues. Delegates will have the opportunity to gain precious insight and first-hand knowledge from our leading industry experts.

This highly interactive training program will emphasize on sound commercial practice drawing on the extensive knowledge and experience of the course presenters and cover important concepts including general principles, key definitions, charter party clauses and dispute resolution mechanisms. The course includes case studies and practical workshops with real life examples that will provide hands-on learning experience, demonstrate and encourage the practice of actual methods and allow participants to put their skills into practice.


  • Gain in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles and concepts of Laytime and Demurrage from leading experts.
  • Study and discuss Laytime and Demurrage related clauses in various dry and wet charterparties.
  • Learn from relevant case laws and authorities to understand and apply the law to Laytime and Demurrage disputes.
  • Opportunity to learn the proper method of Laytime and Demurrage calculations in a guided workshop setting.
  • Examine available dispute resolution mechanisms in your contracts.


General Principles of Laytime

  • Laws of Oleron
  • Laytime and the Voyage
  • Customary v Fixed Laytime
  • Interruption v Exception to Laytime
  • Demurrage, Detention and Despatch defined

New Laytime Definitions for Charterparties 2013

  • Discussion & Explanation of main definitions
    • What is a Port and/or a Berth?
    • Working Day – WWD or WDWP
    • Holidays – Legal, Super and/or CP Holidays
    • Reachable on Arrival and Always Accessible
    • Time Lost waiting for Berth, WIBON and WIPON

Types of Laytime, Demurrage and Despatch

  • Laytime - Reversible, Non-Reversible and Averageable
  • Concept of “Once on demurrage, always on demurrage”
  • Despatch - All Time Saved and Working Time Saved
  • Workshop with worked examples

Commencement and End of Laytime

  • Specified Destination and End of Sea Passage
  • Four stages of a voyage
  • Concept of an “Arrived Ship”
  • Notice of Readiness and its validity
  • Port v Berth Charter and “Port Limits” defined

Commencement and End of Laytime

  • End of Laytime, Despatch and Demurrage
  • Discussion using relevant case laws
  • “The Johanna Oldendorff”, “The Arundel Castle” and “The Merida”

Tanker, Gas & Dry Bulk Charterparties – Laytime and Demurrage Clauses

  • Asbatankvoy and Shellvoy 6

Interruptions and Exceptions Clauses

  • Exceptions and Half Rate Exceptions
  • Weather Conditions
  • Pumping Warranty
  • Tank Washing
  • Letters of Protest

Practical Session - Laytime & Demurrage workshop Tanker and Dry Bulk Exercises continued…..

  • Apply Laytime and Demurrage concepts learned in the past two days to solve dry bulk and tanker exercises based on real life examples.

Legal Issues – Laytime and Demurrage

  • Governing law
  • Dispute Resolution Clauses and Mechanisms

Practical Surgery - Open Q & A Session with Speakers


Charles Lawrie is a founding partner of Richardson Lawrie Associates, an independent firm of international maritime economists and business consultants established in 1987. He is responsible for the firm's consulting and retainer services in the crude oil, petroleum products and gas transportation sectors. He has spent 30 years in the oil and shipping sectors, more than 20 of which have been as project manager or senior consultant on shipping, economics, investment appraisals, feasibility studies, transportation strategies and business studies within Europe, the Americas and the Far East. He is a specialist in the development of: investment appraisals, business plans, strategy reviews; commercial/contractual advice, project implementation; evaluation of the transportation economics of varying routes, ports and cargo handling techniques; commodity trade flow analyses and forecasts; modelling and forecasts of short, medium and long term shipping traffic, shipping demand and shipping supply; and modelling and forecasts of shipping charter rates and vessel costs.

Captain Bhatia is a well-known maritime transportation industry expert with over 30 years of operational and commercial experience including organizational turnaround, business strategy, operational risk management, claims, legal & regulatory. He has in-depth technical, commercial and operational management expertise gained by serving at sea for 15 years and later on ashore in commercial operations and management consulting field. He is the founding partner of The Wade Maritime Group, a leading maritime business consulting group based out of Singapore with group offices in India and the UK. He has over the past decade worked on numerous projects in operational risk management, business strategy, organizational design, human capital management, strategic investment advice, claims management and regulatory compliance for leading ship owners, charterers, Oil & Bulk majors, Ports and PE firms. He is a specialist in commercial operations, maritime economics, transportation strategies, operational risk management, claims management and dispute resolution. Keynote speaker on various advanced training programmes and seminars in the maritime industry.

UK: (+44) 1865 250521   |   USA: (+1) 713 343 1699   |   Singapore: (+65) 6809 1170


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