Compressed Natural Gas - CNG 

CPE Credits Awarded: 2
Categories: The Natural Gas Industry , Online Training

Compressed Natural Gas is an online training course that will examine the current and evolving market for compressed natural gas (CNG) fueled vehicles. While CNG fueled vehicles have experienced significant market penetration globally, their adoption in the US has been relatively modest due to the abundance of gasoline/diesel fuels, the limited availability of CNG fueled vehicles and the filling station infrastructure required to support these vehicles. The status of CNG fueled vehicles in the US has begun to change as corporations, local and federal governments and private individuals seek out lower cost and cleaner options than traditional gasoline and diesel powered vehicles.

There are no pre-requisites for this course and there is no advance preparation required.

Programme Level:  Basic

Course Code:  CNG

Industry:  The Natural Gas Industry

CPE Credits:  2

You will learn to:

    - Recognize the scale and scope of the CNG fuel market
    - Identify the processes of locating and producing commercially viable quantities of natural gas
    - List the benefits of fueling vehicles with CNG as opposed to liquid fossil fuels
    - Identify CNG pricing and how it compares to crude oil based fuels
    - Differentiate between Fast-fill and Time-fill CNG dispensing methods
    - Distinguish between the different CNG filling station strategies, both those privately owned/operated and those open to the public
    - Point out how large fleets operated by shipping and logistics companies are converting their energy intensive operations to CNG-fueled vehicles

Practice exercises and self-assessment quizzes are included to help reinforce key topics introduced throughout the course.

A comprehensive final test will be given at the end of the course.

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