Fundamentals of Gas Storage - FGS 

CPE Credits Awarded: 8
Categories: The Natural Gas Industry , LPG, LNG

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This one-day course provides an overview of hydrocarbon gas storage, including natural gas, LNG, natural gas liquids, LPG, propane and butane.  Delegates will learn about the different types of storage (underground, above ground, pressure and cryogenic) storage requirements, the markets for the various gases, regional supply and demand balances and global trends.  We will also review the major storage operators, key storage hubs and storage market trends.


Class delegates include people who are new to natural gas and LPG markets, or to commercial storage operating companies.  The course also appeals to non-technical staff who wish to learn more about gas storage, including support staff, analysts and management in the areas of supply, operations, trading, marketing, risk management, finance, contracts and IT.


Overview of Petroleum Gases

  • What are natural gas, LNG, NGL and LPG?
  • Markets for natural gas and petroleum gases
  • Key physical properties of petroleum gases
  • Units of volume, pressure and temperature
  • Gas storage mass calculations

Overview of Storage Methods

  • Overground tanks for LPG and LNG
  • Underground storage of LPG
  • Underground storage of natural gas
  • Potential gas storage problems and hazards

Use of Storage

  • Demand variation in natural gas and LPG
  • Seasonal and flexibility storage
  • Sources of flexibility in natural gas
  • Trading markets for pipeline natural gas
  • Trading markets for LNG and LPG
  • Strategic and compulsory storage for gases

Operation of Commercial Gas Storage

  • Rental of LPG tank volume; contract arrangements
  • Arrangements for access to LNG terminal storage
  • Access to underground natural gas storage

Storage Market Fundamentals

  • History and geography of the gas storage business
  • Profiles of major independent storage operating companies
  • Key gas storage locations and market hubs in North America, Europe and Asia
  • Storage market trends and challenges
  • Outlook for LNG and LPG markets and how this might impact storage

Storage Economics

  • Marketing of commercial gas storage and sources of value
  • Storage valuation
  • Trading strategies for storage
  • Storage accounting
  • Inventory hedging

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