European Natural Gas Trading - ENGT 

CPE Credits Awarded: 2
Categories: The Natural Gas Industry , Online Training

European Natural Gas Trading is an online training course that provides an overview of the European natural gas trading market, covering the markets and exchanges, traded instruments, impact of liberalization and price drivers. You’ll learn about different motivations for trading, the trading market participants and key trading terminology. We’ll review the fundamentals of the market, including the factors driving natural gas prices. You’ll understand how liberalization has changed the structure of the natural gas market in Europe. We’ll also cover different types of natural gas trading instruments, and the major OTC and exchange trading forums. Finally, this course will provide an overview of the key trends in trading regulations and development of well-functioning trading markets.

There are no pre-requisites for this course and no advance preparation is required.

Programme Level:  Basic

Course Code:  ENGT

Industry:  The Natural Gas Industry

CPE Credits:  2

You will learn to:

    - Identify who trades natural gas and why
    - Point out the fundamentals of the European natural gas market and the key drivers of natural gas prices
    - Recognize how liberalization has changed the natural gas industry in Europe
    - Identify the various types of natural gas instruments traded, and how natural gas is priced
    - Select the differences between OTC and exchange-based trading
    - Review the key trends in trading regulations, and progress towards the formation of a well-functioning trading market

Practice exercises and self-assessment quizzes are included to help reinforce key topics introduced throughout the course.

A comprehensive final test will be given at the end of the course.

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