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This course provides a comprehensive overview of the LNG contracts from upstream supply, liquefaction, shipping and regasification of LNG. The course is designed for LNG professionals involved in commercial, business development and other activities requiring an in depth knowledge of LNG Agreements. The focus is on the integrated nature of the LNG value chain and the implications for the various contractual arrangements.


  • Commercial managers and business developers requiring an in depth knowledge of the LNG business
  • Professional personnel interacting with LNG supplies, markets and trading e.g. finance, legal marketing and those who need to understand the various sectors of the value chain and how they interact


 Overview of the LNG Value Chain

  • The components of the value chain

Technical Process overview

  • Upstream supplies and the different types of gas sources
  • LNG liquefaction and process technologies
  • Shipping technologies
  • LNG regasification and processes involved
  • Terminal operations

Developing an LNG project

  • Project phases and milestones
  • Requirements at each phase
  • Cost implications and value generation
  • Stakeholders

Managing Project negotiations

  • Overview of the Contractual terminology
  • Agreement structure map
  • Managing the negotiations
  • Risk analysis

Upstream Agreements

  • Monetising the Upstream
  • Joint Venture Agreements/Shareholder Agreements
  • Gas supply Agreements
    • Types of Agreement
    • Main terms and conditions
    • Implications for LNG SPA
  • Pipeline/transportation Agreements
    • Gas quality implications/requirements
    • Tariff arrangements (Capacity/commodity charge)

Midstream Agreements

  • Monetising the midstream
    • LNG Supply purchase Agreement
    • Main articles in an LNG SPA
    • Master Sales Agreement MSA

LNG Shipping arrangements

  • Shipping options
  • Ship purchase requirements
  • Charter arrangements

Regasification Terminal Arrangements

  • Import terminal arrangements
  • Merchant versus utility terminals
  • Terminal Agreements
  • Tariff structures

Financing Arrangements

  • Sources of finance
  • Lender requirements
  • Financing structures
  • Stages of financing

Overview of natural gas/LNG Supply demand

LNG Supplies

  • Global overview
  • Regional supplies from existing markets
  • Potential new projects
  • Constraints on new project developments

LNG Markets

  • Overview of regional markets
  • Country profiles for the main importers
  • Contrast the various markets and the implications for LNG trade/contractual arrangements

LNG Trade

  • Trading routes
  • Major players
  • Requirements for portfolio trading
  • Constraints on LNG trading
  • LNG pricing basis/principles
  • Types of trade (long term versus short term)
  • Diversions/swaps and arbitrage

LNG Future Trends

  • Growth potential
  • Globalisation
  • New technologies
  • New frontiers
  • New players
  • Trading and commoditisation


Mr Malcolm Johnson


“Instructor generously shares his knowledge and experience in a great manner.  Excellence course.” P.S., Equinor

“Good quality course!  Thank you to the instructor for sharing his real experience and various life stories in the LNG industry!” A.E., Mott MacDonald

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