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The latest December 2016 editions of The Energy Education Pipeline eNewsletter are now available.

"It is not hard to find great savings this time of the year.  Turn on the television, thumb through your mail, refresh your social media feed or open your email inbox and you will certainly come across seasonal promotions.

For me, I try not to make purchase decisions based on it being a great offer – if I did that I would be broke!  Rather, I think about what is useful and what will pay off in the long-term.  This same thinking is shared by many of our clients which is why the ‘Year-End Sale’ at Mennta Energy Solutions is always our most successful promotion!

Register for any 2017 public course by 31 December 2016 and mention promotion code YES17 to receive a 15% discount!
Discount applies to course fee only - not accommodations. Payment must be made by 31/12/2016.
This discount cannot be combined with any other offers from Mennta Energy Solutions.

On the surface this might look like any run-of-the-mill promotion, but dig a little deeper into the benefits of the offer..."

December 2016  - North American Edition

December 2016  - International Edition

December 2016  - Asia Pacific Edition

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