Free Energy Abstract - Achieving Carbon-Negative Oil

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Most of us will be familiar with the concept of carbon-neutrality, that is achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by removing emissions from the atmosphere, or by reducing emissions through other initiatives.   Many governments and leading energy companies have pledged to achieving net zero emissions over the next few decades.  But recently some companies, such as Microsoft, AstraZeneca, and UK energy company Drax, have gone further and set out their goals to become “carbon negative”, meaning that they would permanently remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than they emit in their operations.  

In this course we’ll look at how realistic it is for the oil industry to decarbonize, or even become carbon negative, and what emission reducing technologies are being planned and implemented.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Point out the main sources of carbon emissions in the oil supply chain
  • Identify how the oil industry can decarbonize its operations
  • Distinguish between different types of carbon capture and storage, including BECCS and DACCS
  • Recognize the barriers to achieving carbon-negativity in the oil industry


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Online Training Donation Announcement



Universities and secondary schools forced into distance learning can access industry leading online energy training

Princeton, NJ – March 18, 2020 – Pioneers and market leaders in energy education and training, Mennta Energy Solutions has announced it is prepared to donate at least $100,000 worth of their state-of-art online training to universities and secondary schools required to learn online in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.  The library of over 100 interactive energy and trading focused courses will help bridge the gap during the suspension of classroom learning.

“The coronavirus pandemic demands us all to band together and donating our online training to the young minds of the world is a necessary action,” states Clara Lippert Glenn, President and CEO, Mennta Energy Solutions.  “The practice quizzes, interactive exercises and final exam make these two-hour courses the ideal solution for schools searching for ways to enhance their online learning curriculum immediately.”

These accredited self-study courses are available 24/7/365 from most internet enabled devices.  Course topics include oil, natural gas, renewables, LNG, LPG, power, electricity, biofuels, trading, derivatives, hedging, risk management, geopolitics and more.  Program levels range from introductory to intermediate to ensure there is a course for almost any level of learner.  All energy, science, engineering and business school departments will find a useful course.  Visit for the complete library.

Interested school representatives, professors, teachers or students should contact Andrew Infante at immediately for access.

March 2020 - eNewsletters

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'We get it. It is not always the perfect time for professional development classroom training. It might be because of budget, travel, workload, a family birthday or something else. However, the top professionals with the leading companies don't wait for the perfect time!

Countless industry titans across energy, accounting, consulting, media, finance and more all rely on our online training to keep their employees ahead of the competition. These prominent companies can train with anyone but choose Mennta Energy Solutions' online training for its:

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Each costing just...'

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Approved for Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF) in Singapore

lng tanker dockedMennta Energy Solutions is pleased to announce that the below courses have been pre-approved under the Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF) scheme in Singapore!

Overview Of The LNG Value Chain

20-22 April 2020 in Singapore

5-7 October 2020 in Singapore

LNG Contracts Across the Value Chain

23-24 April 2020 in Singapore

8-9 October 2020 in Singapore

Introduced by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), the Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF) facilitates the growth of Singapore's maritime cluster by supporting the industry's manpower and business development efforts as well as its drive for productivity improvements.  There are three key components under MCF.  The MCF-Manpower Development co-funds maritime companies in the development of manpower, training initiatives and capabilities.  The MCF-Business Development supports eligible expenses incurred in the initial development of new maritime companies and organisations setting up in Singapore, or existing maritime companies and organisations expanding into new lines of maritime businesses.  The MCF-Productivity supports initiatives by the maritime industry that will lead to productivity gains.  Learn more here.

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'A common misunderstanding about our training is that there is an unlimited number of seats in each course much like a conference.  By design, we are very careful to limit the number of attendees in our courses.  The exclusiveness that comes with any of our public classroom courses fosters the ideal learning environment.  We pride ourselves on this because it allows our clients to:

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Therefore, we recommend...'

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