Free Energy Abstract - Targeting the Saudi Aramco IPO

oil barrels 2Free Energy Abstract Available 24-27 September 2019! Check Back Here for Access Instructions.

Saudi Aramco (officially “Saudi Arabian Oil Company”) is the world’s largest hydrocarbons company by most measures: it is the largest producer and exporter of crude oil, it owns the most valuable reserves of oil in the world and its actions can have huge impacts on the global price of oil and petroleum products.  Plus, Saudi Aramco has a major domestic and international downstream oil portfolio, it is developing an international oil and gas trading presence and will soon become a major global petrochemicals player through the acquisition of SABIC.

To facilitate Saudi Aramco’s expansion plans and to raise funds for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia there is a Government plan to IPO 5% of the Company, initially in Saudi Arabia and then on an international exchange.  This IPO would break many records – Saudi Aramco’s profits far exceed those of any other company, and it will have the highest market capitalisation in the world.  But also it will be a challenge for Saudi Aramco which historically has had a conservative culture but now has to open its books to the world and implement an aggressive global expansion.

This course examines the background to Saudi Aramco’s expansion plans and IPO, with a Case Study on the September 2019 missile attacks on its oil and gas plants.

By the end of this energy abstract, you will have an understanding of:

  • The history, operations and expansion plans of Saudi Aramco
  • The Company’s critical importance both in the global energy markets and in the development of Saudi Arabia
  • The plans for an IPO (“Initial Public Offering”) of Saudi Aramco shares
  • Factors that will impact the IPO valuation such as the September 2019 attacks on its oil and gas facilities


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Approved for Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF) in Singapore

lng tanker dockedMennta Energy Solutions is pleased to announce that the below courses have been pre-approved under the Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF) scheme in Singapore!

Principles of Tanker Ownership, Chartering, Operations, Laytime and Demurrage

17-19 July 2019 in Singapore

LNG Shipping: The Centre of Global Gas Supplies Harmonising the Upstream, Downstream and Mid Stream

22-24 July 2019 in Singapore

Overview Of The LNG Value Chain

7-9 October 2019 in Singapore

Introduced by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), the Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF) facilitates the growth of Singapore's maritime cluster by supporting the industry's manpower and business development efforts as well as its drive for productivity improvements.  There are three key components under MCF.  The MCF-Manpower Development co-funds maritime companies in the development of manpower, training initiatives and capabilities.  The MCF-Business Development supports eligible expenses incurred in the initial development of new maritime companies and organisations setting up in Singapore, or existing maritime companies and organisations expanding into new lines of maritime businesses.  The MCF-Productivity supports initiatives by the maritime industry that will lead to productivity gains.  Learn more here.

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