Approved for Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF) in Singapore

lng tanker dockedMennta Energy Solutions is pleased to announce that the below courses have been pre-approved under the Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF) scheme in Singapore!

Overview Of The LNG Value Chain

20-22 April 2020 in Singapore

5-7 October 2020 in Singapore

LNG Contracts Across the Value Chain

23-24 April 2020 in Singapore

8-9 October 2020 in Singapore

Introduced by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), the Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF) facilitates the growth of Singapore's maritime cluster by supporting the industry's manpower and business development efforts as well as its drive for productivity improvements.  There are three key components under MCF.  The MCF-Manpower Development co-funds maritime companies in the development of manpower, training initiatives and capabilities.  The MCF-Business Development supports eligible expenses incurred in the initial development of new maritime companies and organisations setting up in Singapore, or existing maritime companies and organisations expanding into new lines of maritime businesses.  The MCF-Productivity supports initiatives by the maritime industry that will lead to productivity gains.  Learn more here.

Feburary 2020 - eNewsletters

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'A common misunderstanding about our training is that there is an unlimited number of seats in each course much like a conference.  By design, we are very careful to limit the number of attendees in our courses.  The exclusiveness that comes with any of our public classroom courses fosters the ideal learning environment.  We pride ourselves on this because it allows our clients to:

  • Interact extensively with the instructor
  • Build lasting networking connections with fellow attendees
  • Benefit from classroom style learning

Therefore, we recommend...'

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Feburary 2020  -North, Central and South American Edition

Feburary 2020  -Europe, Middle East and Africa Edition

Feburary 2020  -  Asia-Pacific Edition

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January 2020 - eNewsletters

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'Every year Pantone, the global authority on color, chooses a color of the year that they believe serves as an expression of the mood and attitude of the global culture in the coming year.  The color choice for 2020 is particularly important as it kicks off a new decade!  For 2020 Pantone chose a color that is near and dear to our hearts here at Mennta Energy Solutions - Classic Blue.

Classic Blue, or as I'll selfishly call it 'Mennta Blue', has been a staple of our logo and branding for decades for the same reasons Pantone chose it as the color of the year.  According to Pantone, they felt it highlighted dependability, trustworthiness, credibility, and constancy, all traits that are valued in the fast-paced, high-stress situations of the current world.

I honestly couldn't think of a more concise description of our mission at Mennta Energy Solutions!  We strive to be the most dependable, trustworthy and credible training organization for the fast-paced and high-stress energy industry.

As we kick-off 2020, think about the benefits of infusing your career with some Mennta Blue at any of these...'

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January 2020  -North, Central and South American Edition

January 2020  -Europe, Middle East and Africa Edition

January 2020  -  Asia-Pacific Edition

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2020 Public Course Pre-Sale!

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*Cannot be combined with any other discount. Discount applies only to 2020 public training courses.  Registration and payment must be received by December 31, 2019.

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